1. PRICES AND BOOKING PROCEDURE - www.GorczanskiDomek.pl







    Up to 4 people   



     For every   additional person



        Minimum  rental period






          500 PLN*



                  50 PLN 



               2 days**





            600 PLN


                      50 PLN


                  7 days

    New Year's Eve


          1000 PLN

                    100 PLN

                  7 days





    Please fill out the reservation form keeping in mind minimum rental periods
    * Outside the high-season for stays longer than two days we offer 10% discount
    ** During the high season - 7 days.




    High season:  


    21.12.2020  -   10.01.2021

    18.01.2021  -   14.02.2021

    29.03.2021  -   11.04.2021

    26.04.2021  -  09.05.2021

    28.05.2021  -  06.06.2021

    25.06.2021  -  29.08.2021

    20.12.2021  -  09.01.2022



    The stay starts at 16.00 on the first day and ends at 10.00 on the last day.
    DEPOSIT: determined individually depending on the length of stay and number of guests. Paid in cash on arrival, refunded in cash on departure.
    ADVANCE PAYMENT: if the booking is made later than 14 days before arrival,  a 100% advance payment is required; if the booking is made earlier than 14 days before arrival, a 30% advance payment is required. The remaining amount should be paid no later than 14 days before arrival. In case of not receiving the remaining amount before that date, the reservation will be canceled and the advance payment is considered lost.



    1. After receiving your reservation, we will contact you to confirm availability and financial conditions.
    2. After you accept the conditions, we will block the availability of the period you have booked for 2 days (24 hours in case of the so-called high season) and ask you to pay the advance payment or the whole amount and to confirm your payment via e-mail.
    3. After receiving the payment, we will confirm the reservation and block the booked period.